Finally, after more than a year of work…
New music, new images, full screen but the same basic idea.

Windows, Mac, On-line, Chromebooks, Apps for Android, iPhone, IPad

Main calculation, 4 methods of calculation.
From easy to slightly more difficult.

Geometry –
4-corners, triangles and the circle.

Chefren’s Pyramid is a learning program – disguised as a game.
It’s exciting and educational, filled with math, logic games, videos, music and pictures.
It is important to get out of the pyramid before the time runs out. You struggle through a large number of rooms with mathematical tasks, mainly from secondary school.

You want to know what’s going on in the next room – that’s the driving force!

It’s easy at first but gets increasingly difficult the higher you go up the pyramid.
Choose the reference book – if you can’t and don’t understand!

The Tower of Hanoi
Move the 3 tiles from the left gold tower to the right.
A larger tile may not be placed on top of a smaller one.
Preferably in as few moves as possible!

You have 5 hours – if you don’t make it, something terrible awaits!

Best seller

Chefrens Pyramid are by far Sweden’s most sold and used math software.

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Swedish and English
More will come …

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