The Flying Carpet

A mathematical journey.

For all between 7 and 99.

Six different the themes:
Figures, clock, almanac, money, geometry and measurement.
Everyday mathematics, mental arithmetic, addition, subtraction, time, date, ingenious devices, length measurement devices, ingenious devices, currency exchange, price calculations, mathematical games, etc.
The Flying Carpet completes the series with the best-selling and Sweden’s most used mathematics program. You face an exciting and learning program, full of beautiful graphics and music and with ‘Filuren’ that gives you active help. On the flying carpet you travel around Egypt in search for your friend.
The Carpet leads you around the Nile, Cairo, Desert, Oasis, The Pyramids and the Sphinx. You encounter different thematic areas of mathematics. During your trip, you face games, ingenious devices and a lot of mathematical problems.
Six environments, six areas of mathematics and six different melodies! Music that makes you happy and makes your body swing! Imad Sayyah, Hossam Ramzy and Klezmer festival band!


The Flying Carpet came up after teachers demand us to create a program similar Cheops and Chefren  but adapted to earlier ages.

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The Flying Carpet version is available in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.


Windows  XP,  7,  8,  10
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Augusti 2016 as an app for
IPads, Smartphones, Mac och PC.