A mathematical challenge

For all between 13 and 101

Cheop’s Pyramid – a mathematical challenge is a program of mathematics for secondary schools.
You walk around in the pyramid and face math functions under Cheops. Flexible, surprises and delightful graphics. We have put a lot of time and resources to beat our past successes with the ‘old Cheops’ and Chefren. “

“Students love Cheops. They are sitting in long hours, preferably together with others. It does not get tired easily.”
“Cheops is so good that you will want to use it outside the classroom.”
“Cheops feels like a classic in mathematics teaching aids.

The Library
In addition to the help panels in each room, the virtual reference library is packed with information to help research formulas, symbols, rules and facts.

The Record book
The best players in different challenges are listed in the record book. With network license is the record book common to all users and students are fighting to end up in the top of the list.

Eight different languages
Cheops is now available in eight languages:
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, English, German, Italian and Dutch.
All languages are included when you buy the program

The Story - through the library in Skara you end up at the bottom of the Cheops Pyramid. You have to get out through an opening at the top of the pyramid. In the pyramid passages and rooms, we also face mathematical problems, logic games and ingenious devices. Solves tasks are rewarded with ropes. Solve all tasks in the room, you get two bits of ropes, half right and you get one piece of rope. At worse results you can lose ropes. If you have enough with ropes you can climb up to the next level. On the next floor, new challenges await, with other rewards and slightly higher difficulty. The software is maximally varied and keeps children and adults trapped for hours.
The selp-played piano
Located at the top of the pyramid - in salons, next to the arcade!
Something to look forward to as you climb from the bottom to the top of the pyramid!


The Flying Carpet came up after teachers demand us to create a program similar Cheops and Chefren  but adapted to earlier ages.

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Cheops is available
in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.


Windows 8, 10, 11
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