Alega Software AB

Software for schools and private. Since 1980.

Learning softwares, disguised as games.

A Math Journey
For all between 7 and 99!


Den Flygande Mattan

 Windows, Safari, Chromebooks, OnLine,
Apps for Android and
 Apple IOS

Show trailer

Finally, after more than 1 year of work

Now for Ipads, Androids, smartphones and computers.
Full screen, new music, new pictures, new videos but
the same basic idea as classic Chefren’s Pyramid.

For everyone between 11 and 99!

Windows, Safari, Chromebooks, Online,
Apps for Android and Apple IOS


A Mathematical Challenge!

For all between 14 and 99!

Math for secondary school.


Cheops Pyramid - matematiskt äventyr

Alega Software AB

Alega Software is a spin-off from Alega School Supplies.
Since its inception in 1980, Alega has produced learning materials in mathematics, data and science.  

Pyramid programs

Sweden’s most used math program.
Translated into 10 different languages.
Produced by Alega.

Alega Software AB
532 32 Skara, Sweden
Tel: +46 511 780600