Alega Software AB

Alega Software is a spin-off from Alega Skolmateriel.
Since its inception in 1980, Alega has produced learning materials in mathematics, data and science.
At Alega Software, we focus on developing our most used math programs Cheops Pyramid, Chefren’s Pyramid and The Flying Carpet.
At the beginning of January 2022, we have started with a new variant of our earlier booking system ‘BokaTennis’ called ‘Bookity’. If you want to know more – send us an email!

Alega Software AB,  532 32 Skara,Sweden
Bankgiro 5069-6590

IBAN SE80 8000 0828 9102 4889 6045

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Göran Hjalmarsson
Alega Software AB, 532 32 Skara, Sweden
Tel: +46 511-780 600   email: